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Watch your mailbox for D.E.C. election ballots this week!

Your vote matters more than ever this year.
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Our mission:

To support Dunn Energy Cooperative in strengthening its commitment to member-driven, cooperative principles and practices.

Our primary goal:

We are engaging our fellow member-owners in encouraging Dunn Energy Cooperative to become more transparent and responsive to member concerns.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Get informed by reading through this site.

  2. Get involved by signing up for our mailing list and following our Facebook page.

  3. Consider supporting the roll-back of three controversial bylaw changes that many members did not fully understand before voting on them at the March, 2018 DEC Annual Meeting.

Rural electric co-ops were designed to be guided by their members, and to serve their best interests.


We are members working together to help our rural electric cooperative find its way to an even brighter future.

We are members working together to help our rural electric cooperative find its way to an even brighter future.

Why are we doing this?

Last spring, the Dunn Energy Cooperative (DEC) board and management advanced three significant bylaws changes without seeming to grasp their implications, and without fully educating members about the negative impacts they could have.

As a result, many members voted in ways they later regretted, discovering that the new bylaws worked against their own rights and the collective best interests of their fellow co-op members.

At the annual meeting on March 17, 2018, many members expressed frustration and concern about why they had not been given better information, and why they had not had an opportunity to publicly discuss and debate the changes prior to voting on them.

Clearly, there was a breakdown in communication — and in trust. 

Both before and after that meeting, a number of concerned members attempted to engage DEC's management and board in productive conversations. We raised concerns, made calls, wrote letters, presented well-researched information, and attended meetings.

We found the response to be disappointing, and we discovered that some of the policies in place at Dunn Energy Cooperative make it difficult for members to share their views, or even to know what is going on behind the scenes. As member owners, that makes us uncomfortable.

That's why we're engaging our fellow member-owners in an effort to get more involved — which is something DEC has repeatedly indicated that it wants its members to do. 

Working together, we want to encourage DEC's board and management to become more open, transparent, and receptive to hearing from regular member-owners like us, and to following the cooperative principles that make rural electric cooperatives great.  

Get Involved

If you are a member-owner of Dunn Energy Cooperative (if you get electric bills from them, you are!), review this site to learn more, then get involved: sign up for our mailing list, like and follow our Facebook page, and support DEC board-of-director candidates who share our goals and values. We'll keep you up to date on our efforts and let you know how you can help! 

Learn more about the background and history of our member-driven effort.